HB EXCLUSIVE: Sixty Collective Launches New Brand—Civilian Hotels

NEW YORK—Hotelier Jason Pomeranc is launching a new hotel brand, under the Sixty Collective portfolio, called Civilian Hotels. Set to debut this year, the new boutique brand’s first location will be in Miami Beach and there are commitments to build properties in several major metropolitan areas around the world.

“This is going to be an exciting year for Sixty Collective,” said Pomeranc. “Consumers should expect some exciting business announcements, innovative partnerships and aggressive expansion news planned for 2020. The first of which is the launch of our spinoff brand, Civilian Hotels.”

According to Pomeranc, the Sixty Collective team has been planning to launch a more affordable, eco-conscious boutique hotel as a secondary brand to Sixty Hotels for more than a year.

“While the Sixty brand has always offered active common spaces with a variety of restaurants, bars and rooftop lounges, it just made sense for us to develop a comparable, hyper-stylish spinoff brand that is more affordable and appealing to the young smartphone-equipped, artist-minded traveler,” he said. “That said, Civilian will not be a complete departure from the avant-garde, culture-driven boutique aesthetic that we’ve become known for, however, we know that in today’s sharing economy that modern travelers prioritize value, authenticity and experiences over anything else.”

The concept will be geared towards the next-generation traveler, but accessible and affordable for everyone.

“Civilian is our democratic response to the a-la-carte revolution that has placed a new generation of value-driven, experience-hungry consumers in the driver’s seat,” he said.

In an industry where hotel brand names can be a real head scratcher, Pomeranc opted for the name Civilian to capture this brand’s true essence. “Civilian speak to the idea of democracy of style and without pretension,” he said. “It simply feels right for our next-generation product.”

In terms of design, the new brand will be a bold new concept that marries form and function, and will employ cutting-edge technology, flexible floor plans, distinctive design and boutique practices for the experience-desired consumer.

“We will provide guests with high-quality fixtures, facilities, and services along with smaller but smarter designed rooms, personalized amenities, and space-saving decor,” he said. “We will prioritize experiential, locally-influenced room design, with high-tech connectivity and stylish energized social spaces.”

The brand’s food and beverage offerings also will serve this hyper-connected and on-the-go traveler. “Today’s younger travelers are not spending as much time in their rooms, so we are purposefully developing flexible work and meeting spaces, as well as covetable, immersive F&B experiences in venues that harness dynamic design with tech-driven hospitality,” he said.

Pomeranc’s plans for this brand include blurring the lines between luxury and economy in a similar way to the changes taking place in the fashion industry. “Value, style and quality should not be mutually exclusive,” he concluded.