Give Guests a Charge Outdoors

NATIONAL REPORT—With hotel guests increasingly connected, they are always on the lookout for a place to charge their devices. Having lots of available in-room outlets just won’t cut it anymore.

Whether their guests are relaxing by the pool, attending an outdoor concert or wedding, or enjoying a bite or beverage at an outdoor restaurant or bar, hoteliers must ensure spaces are equipped with easy-to-access power and connectivity solutions.

“Hoteliers must consider incorporating power access outdoors—whether poolside or at a rooftop bar,” said Nancy Snyder, senior manager of hospitality sales at Legrand North and Central America. “By offering guests the opportunity to plug in while relaxing outdoors, hotels are able to leave a positive impression and present a truly unique differentiation factor. By making the guest experience for accessing power unexpectedly intuitive and seamless, forward-thinking properties will be well-positioned to not only anticipate their guests’ needs but to also create delightful enhancements that guests will look forward to in all future visits.”

Providing guests with the ability to charge their devices in the outdoor bar or restaurant can mean an increase in F&B revenues—and social media exposure. “There is an uptick in food and beverage revenue for the owner,” she said. “If guests are staying longer at the pool or rooftop bar, they’re partaking of the food and beverage options, thereby increasing revenue for the owner. When guests are able to easily use social media during their stay and time outdoors, the hotel will see added promotional exposure.”

Hoteliers can also add more charging options without having to rewire their entire outdoor area. “The LumiPower Solar Umbrella with USB Charging benefits both the guest and the hotel owner or developer,” said Snyder. “Rather than require an extra extension or wiring system, the solar power charges the station, allowing the hotel to install the product quickly and in areas where power is not available and costly to install. This unit provides an all-in solution for the guest and the owner, it keeps consumers shaded and allows them to charge their devices in one place. It’s also energy efficient, reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint and easing the installation process.”