Fun First, Rest Next

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NATIONAL REPORT—For the last year-and-a-half, Kurt Dean has focused on Great Wolf Resorts’ mission of creating a family feel for employees and guests. His role as corporate director of rooms largely involves growing the company brand, but the most rewarding part is interacting with lodge team members. With this support and guidance, employees are prepared to provide a memorable, family-focused experience.

Guests notice this commitment to exceptional service, as well as the many activities and attractions, from the moment they arrive. Children can jump into any of the activities in the lobby, sport the wolf ears they scored at check-in, or simply hang out with the Great Wolf Lodge characters—while parents consider where they’ll dine that evening or what spa services they intend to splurge on. At some locations, kids can see right into the water park from the lobby, pumping them up for the adventure that awaits. Large fireplaces in every lodge create a cozy atmosphere, as does the sight of kids and adults lounging in pajamas during evening story time.

The experience continues when guests enter the inviting room Dean’s team has carefully prepared for them. The comfortable beds provide not only well-deserved sleep, but the opportunity to come together as a family. That might mean snuggling under the blankets to watch a movie, breaking into a pillow fight—or dozing off to dream of the next day’s adventures.

Dean’s background in the industry, his focus on family and his commitment to world-class service have helped foster brand loyalty. Guests leave feeling like they’re part of the pack. They can’t help but rave about their stay, and they’re eager to start planning their next trip to one of the many Great Wolf Lodge locations.

A bed that feels like home
Because the bed has to provide restful sleep and stand up to restless children, Dean settled for nothing less than the elusive combination of comfort and durability. Sealy Posturepedic® mattresses, tested for durability and preferred by consumers for comfort and quality, quickly became his choice. Plush pillows and crisp bedding complete the picture.

Parent perks
While family time is important, adult time can’t be discounted. Guests love how well kids sleep when snuggled into a Sealy Posturepedic bed after a long day of cruising the water slides.

Making memories
Great Wolf Lodge’s mission is to bring joy to families by offering a variety of activities for the entire family to enjoy. And at the end of a fun-filled day, they can unwind together on their comfortable beds to relive their adventures and make plans for the next one, which might include mapping out which slides to hit at the water park or which restaurant they want to try for dinner. In these moments, the bed becomes the center of the experience, serving as a place families can laugh together and make memories that will last for years to come.

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