FreshAir Introduces Smoking Detection System for Hotels & Casinos

LEBANON, NH—FreshAir, a company that develops sensors to detect and alert for hazardous chemicals, has revealed FreshAir1 Smoking Detection System for use in hotels and casinos and other hospitality settings. The technology monitors and detects smoking, which can help protect infrastructure investments, secure cleaning fees and avoid chargebacks.

“FreshAir has the only technology available that can monitor for and specifically detect tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke. We provide scientific proof of smoking events to hotel management,” said Jack O’Toole, co-founder/president, FreshAir Sensor.

FreshAir uses proprietary, patented sensors to detect smoke and when detected, the client receives an alert by email or through the app. The alert includes a timestamped chart that shows scientific evidence of smoking.

“Typical smoke detectors are non-specific—they are triggered by dust, pollen, smoke, steam and any other particulate,” O’Toole said. “FreshAir’s sensors are specific to molecules in tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke. There is no other technology available that can provide proof of smoking.”

Typical smoke detectors use light or radiation to detect these general particles. FreshAir’s molecularly imprinted polymer that forms the sensor resets following smoking detection, enabling continuous monitoring without additional upkeep.

“FreshAir helps hotels fulfill their brand promise by quickly identifying when smoking takes place, allowing the hotel to intervene before the guest smokes multiple times and ensuring that the property is able to collect the cleaning fee. Over time, using FreshAir will increase guest satisfaction, reduce damage from smoking, and protect guests and staff from the dangers of second and thirdhand smoke,” O’Toole said.

FreshAir devices plug are WiFi-enabled and plug into outlets, secured with tamper-proof screws. Each device in a FreshAir1 system is capable of monitoring up to 500 sq. ft. of open space.

“FreshAir’s sensor technology for tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke is the result of more than 17 years of research— the sensors are accurate and effective,” O’Toole said. “We see varied levels of quality and speed of WiFi in hotel properties. We encourage our hotel clients to have consistent, strong WiFi coverage in their properties for their guest and for their internal operations.”

Especially now when guests and hotel employees have a heightened sense of safety and sanitation, the FreshAir1 can help not only keep things clean but comfortable.

“Cleanliness is always a very important factor in guest satisfaction,” O’Toole noted. “Cleanliness and smell are both generally in the top three reasons for guest complaints. TripAdvisor recently found that 86% of consumers say cleanliness will be very important when selecting an accommodation after COVID-19. Smell is a major component of guests’ perception of cleanliness. When guests check in to a room that smells like smoke, they immediately feel that the room is dirty and unhealthy.”

Additionally, FreshAir’s Mobile App and online portal allow teams to access device alert history, stay updated on device information and log additional evidence of smoking to be archived in the account’s alert history.

“There seems to be an increasing use of technology to provide guests a positive experience and reduce the amount of labor required,” O’Toole said. “There is also a strong push to ensure that guests are comfortable that their room has been thoroughly cleaned and is safe. I think that trend will continue.”

O’Toole said that in September, FreshAir will begin offering a system that can track when supervisors or managers check rooms after cleaning. Through this system, GMs or owners will be able to see who checked a room and when.