EVinmotion, Enel X Bring EV Charging to Hotels

ALBUQUERQUE, NM—In 2019, about 245,000 electric vehicles (EVs) were sold in the U.S., according to Statista. EV chargers are popping up in parking lots all over the country, and hotels are beginning to include them among their amenities offerings.

Enel X, a subsidiary of the Enel Group, is a manufacturer of commercial EV charging stations. According to Giovanni Bertolino, head of e-Mobility, Enel X North America, his company has deployed more than 80,000 charging stations globally and is expanding opportunities with hotels across North America and Europe. 

EVinmotion, based here, is a partner, reseller and installer of Enel X charging stations across the U.S. and Canada. “As owners of electric vehicles, we found the need to be able to plug in. We realized our options were limited when we observed our usual routines, including overnight hotel stays,” said Gary Sims, the company’s president/CEO. “We handle EV charging station needs, from site survey, electrical work, installation and the proper EV signage for the parking spots, along with full-service preventative maintenance programs. In other words, EVinmotion is there every step of the way to help our clients turn their EV infrastructure concept into a reality, and to provide continued support to maintain their investment in EV charging.”

EVinmotion offers Enel X commercial Level 2 chargers, as well as Level 3 DC fast chargers. All commercial chargers come with universal compatibility with all-electric vehicle models; UL and Energy Star certification; and an intuitive driver app for payment and monitoring of real-time charging status and availability. The company pointed out that all WiFi-enabled and grid-connected chargers reduce operating costs and allow hotels to access utility and state EV incentives.

According to Bertolino, the Enel X offerings include the following:

  • Juice Box Pro: A Level 2 charging station with all the smart charging features that cost-conscious businesses and organizations need to maximize their EV infrastructure investments. Powered by the JuiceNet smart EV charging platform, JuiceBox Pro offers direct administrator control and energy optimization through user-friendly apps and web-based dashboards. It’s available in 32A, 40A and 48A.
  • JuiceStand Pro: Enel X’s most affordable commercial EV charging solution. Durable and cost-effective, JuiceStand Pro is the perfect solution for boutique hotels. Its small footprint is suited for locations with limited parking and offers single or dual EV charging ports on each JuiceStand, which is compatible with all EVs. Weatherproof and UL-rated, JuiceStand can be installed in both indoor and outdoor settings for convenient EV charging year-round. It offers user authentication and a robust dashboard for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) management.
  • JuicePedestal: This offers best-in-class smart charging for businesses and convenient, open network EV charging for drivers. UL Certified with universal EV compatibility, it is an all-purpose commercial charger for hotels. 
  • JuicePump: Enel X’s 50 kW DCFC (direct current fast charge) unit with two charging ports (CHadeMO and CCS).

Hotels will also need JuiceNet Enterprise software to run EV charging operations. “Smart charging helps hotels and businesses limit the operational expenses associated with EV charging,” said Bertolino. “Our advanced EVSE asset management platform, JuiceNet Enterprise delivers the flexibility needed to efficiently manage EV charging operations at a single property or across a portfolio of locations.”

He added, “Many hotels choose from the Enel X line of commercial smart chargers because of the powerful asset management software that allows hotel operators to control their stations from an easy-to-use-dashboard to quickly onboard users and set charging prices. Versatile installation options—hardwire, wall mount or pedestal mount—are also important to hotels because of their diverse property configurations and desire for a pleasing aesthetic.”

EVinmotion is an official, certified installation partner with Enel X.  “We collaborate our efforts to give our hotel clients the best and seamless service,” said Venessa Gwynne, national sales manager, EVinmotion. “We provide the on-site survey free of charge, installation, signage and monthly billing reports, as well as our full-service, preventative maintenance monitoring programs. This always includes finding the most affordable options for the hotel infrastructure investment.”