EV Hotel, CDX team for crypto trading floor

EV Hotel, which is billed as “the first crypto and tech hotel,” has partnered with Chicago Digital Exchange (CDX), a cryptocurrency and NFT exchange, on a CDX Crypto trading floor, which will make its debut in a number of EV Hotels when they open worldwide.

“Ventures like this are new to the hospitality and digital world, and that is why I am excited to announce the partnership between EV Hotel and CDX,” said Ken Patel, founder/chairman/CEO, EV Hotel, which was featured in the January issue of Hotel Business. “This sort of partnership usually does not come to market, and to have crypto in the same sentence with hospitality is unheard of. What we are doing is to create an experience that brings hospitality back and gives it life again. Innovation is a team sport, and this EV CDX venture merges the capabilities of our respective teams.”

The CDX Crypto Trading Floor will also be attached to a media component, where viewers all over the world can tune in to everything happening on the floor inside the EV Hotel venues. CDX will give individual traders and companies around the world the ability to buy membership trading rights, enabling discounted exchange fees and other exchange amenities, in addition to enjoying a physical presence at each EV CDX location.

“CDX is honored to partner with EV Hotels to create this exciting new concept that merges the digital asset world with cutting edge hotel technology and operations,” said Frederick Grede, cofounder, CDX. “This exciting new venture will create a new physical trading facility which will provide increased transparency, better information sharing and improved social interaction for the cryptocurrency and digital asset markets. What we are doing here is bringing the action of crypto markets to a physical trading location. Why do people go to a football game or the sportsbook in a casino? They want to be part of the action and enjoy the thrill of that action with the crowd.”

Patel added, “EV has already secured commitments from soon-to-be announced locations in key destinations where EV CDX venues will flourish. Growth is robust with commitments and hotels are already under development in Arizona, Georgia, Florida, California and India”

Brian J. Esposito, chief strategy officer, EV Hotel, and CEO/founder, Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, brought the two companies together.

“The EV CDX concept on which we have been working very hard for over five years is finally ready for the world to see,” he said. “The moment is now to change the game for hospitality. An exchange that is run by seasoned professionals will create what I truly believe will be the most exciting, safe and profitable hotel flag.”

He added, “It does not end here. We have many more exciting partnerships and announcements lined up for EV Hotel. It’s all about creating a destination that will enhance the guest experience; create new sustainable, safe jobs; and bring to the market one of the most desired hotel brands that the hospitality industry has ever seen.”