Elevating in-room entertainment

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The importance of entertainment in hotels today

It’s not the idyllic portrait of the hotel experience, but it happens: Guests spending a quiet day inside, scrolling through channels on their in-room TV. Perhaps a recovery day was in order. Or the masseuse was double-booked. Regardless of how our jet-setters find themselves in this scenario, having a robust suite of in-room entertainment options is paramount to today’s hotel experience. They want familiar features, yet novel experiences. Expansive options, yet simple solutions. And, subconsciously, they want their stay to exceed their expectations.

But many hoteliers believe that meeting these expectations is sufficient. After all, whose wanderlust brings them to a hotel for the in-room television, right?

We propose that it’s no longer enough to merely meet expectations and that the rewards for the select few who elevate their in-room entertainment experience are differentiation from their competitors and unequivocal brand loyalty.

The modern guests and their expectations

Today’s guests have a basic expectation for their in-room entertainment options: The news, national sports provider, programming to entertain the young and young-at-heart and premium subscription-based cable. Hoteliers have mastered these fundamentals. But what can hotels provide that exceed these expectations? Is it still possible to wow the guests who’ve become accustomed to a linear TV experience? We believe so. We believe that technology designed with hospitality in mind elevates both.

The prevalence of streaming OTT (over-the-top) services like Netflix1, which is available through our EVOLVE platform, and digital content platforms like the Google Play2 Store have reset the landscape of how entertainment is consumed. Consider this: Guests now have the option to continue watching a series only available on an OTT service while on vacation. It’s the “cherry on top” of the expected sundae they ordered and the bonus features they’re thrilled to have. But it doesn’t stop there; there are still ample opportunities to wow guests with experiences and options.

The unexpected and creating unforgettable experiences

We’ve addressed the expected, but what about the wholly unexpected? The features of the stay that will surprise and delight guests?

Consider the DISH Business entertainment platform, EVOLVE, and how it can both simplify routine hotel experiences and amaze guests. EVOLVE is an open, flexible platform that can run apps like checkout assistance, room service and more. Being able to access this suite of options through their TV is the kind of interaction that makes guests pause and ask, “What else can my TV do?” They’d find that they can also seamlessly cast their content on their in-room TV with Chromecast3 built-in. Ultimately, guests are in control of their entertainment and can tailor the experience to how they see fit.

Finally, when there are just not enough screens, OnStreamTM by DISH Business lets guests stream the live TV they love on their devices throughout the hotel. Their programming can travel with them down to the gym or by the pool. It’s flexible, customizable, and it’s the kind of unexpected benefit that separates hotels.

Ready to amaze your guests?

It’s almost a rhetorical question. Any industry expert can predict media consumption will evolve and broaden to the point of splintering. The necessity to exceed guest entertainment expectations by housing all of these options into one convenient solution has never been greater.

Hoteliers that embrace new channels of content consumption will find themselves with a tangible advantage.

DISH Business and our partners have witnessed this first hand.

We’d like your hotel(s) to experience the same.

To learn more about how DISH Business can provide a premium entertainment experience for your guests visit dish.com/hotels.


1Netflix streaming membership required.

2Google Play is a trademark of Google LLC.

3Chromecast built-in is a trademark of Google LLC.