Element Hotels Rolls Out Bike Program Refresh

BETHESDA, MD—Guests who stay at Element properties know about the extended-stay brand’s Bikes to Borrow program. An extension of Element Hotels’ environment-friendly ethos, guests can borrow bicycles, free of charge, along with safety helmets. Now, Element is bolstering that program with a new partner—Priority Bicycles.

“Element Hotels has had a Bikes to Borrow program in place for some time, but we are always looking for ways to keep our offering fresh and relevant for our guests, which is why we brought on Priority as our new bike partner,” explained Marlon Whyte, global brand leader, Element Hotels. “As both brands promote accessible wellness and fitness, we knew that together we could make maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle on the road more achievable for travelers.”

Available in all 25 Element hotels across the U.S., Whyte noted that the partnership “introduces both brands to consumers already loyal to each brand, who may not have already been aware of the other brand.”

The custom-branded fleet of Classic Plus NeverFlat bikes sports Element’s signature color—green— as well as custom decals, an ultra-light, rust-proof aluminum frame, grease-free belt drive and completely airless tires.

Dave Weiner, Priority Bicycles’ CEO and designer, said, “Our bicycles are designed to be low maintenance… That said, the bicycles are ridden with a high frequency.  We hand off a daily checklist for a quick once over of the bicycles, and the number one thing on that list is air in the tires.  Unfortunately, properties can get busy, so we thought, ‘How can we remove that checklist item?’ With the tires on the Classic Plus NeverFlat, we are delivering on the durability, the integrated look, and smooth feel of the ride, without the need to touch a pump.”

Whyte noted that there are several ways guests are introduced to the program. “The bikes are prominently displayed on property—many in the entrance vestibule— which naturally prompts guests to ask about the bikes,” he said. “As part of the check-in process, associates inform guests about this signature program offering. On digital channels, our Element Hotels experience hub website features the Bikes to Borrow program and our partnership with Priority Bicycles.”

In addition to the partnership, New York City lifestyle and fitness blogger Christine Bibbo was tapped to create a custom bike map for her hometown, providing guests with her favorite wellness spots that are bike-accessible. Resident fitness gurus in other cities with Element properties, such as Seattle and Austin, TX, will also be curating maps for the brand. (The maps are available digitally in an effort to reduce paper use.)

“Each bike map is designed to resonate with Element’s brand passion points of wellness and fitness, but also to be hyper-localized, offering riders a chance to see a new city from a different point of view, or, perhaps, see their hometown in a fresh, new way,” said Whyte.

And that’s important, considering the primary goal of the refreshed program is to provide “guests with an easy way to maintain their fitness regime while getting around their destination city, as well as to contribute to decreasing carbon emissions, given Element’s focus on sustainability.”

What Whyte hopes guests will take away from the program? “We hope that the Bikes to Borrow program will help our guests feel that they don’t have to compromise on their healthy, balanced lifestyle, even while on the road,” he concluded.