What do I possibly say here as my own words of wisdom when I am in the company of such great, experienced leaders in our industry? Not just leaders, actually. Pioneers. Visionaries. Experts. And, yes, icons of this great hospitality community: Bill Marriott, Mike Leven, Lee Pillsbury, Tom Corcoran. Gentlemen who are known by their names, their accomplishments, their survival throughout so many years and so many cycles.

I’ve said this here before and it is worth repeating now: I love inspirational quotes. I follow social media that provides me with new ones every day and, yes, I have that calendar on my desk with some more. I could share with you so many that have struck a chord with me, especially this year. But the one that really stands out, and speaks to me and, hopefully, will to you, too, is this: Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.

All year, Publisher Allen Rolleri and I have been spreading stories of encouragement, scenarios of support, acts of kindness and stories of the everyday heroes—the frontline workers of our industry—via the pages of Hotel Business, on our website, and through social and virtual sessions. We’ve shared our own personal anecdotes and words of hope amid industry despair, and just a little bit of sunshine in what has been a darker period for our partners and friends throughout the hotel community.

And we’ve been humbled. Humbled by the reciprocal care and concern of so many of you who we’re lucky to not only do business with, but to know on a personal level. Humbled by the fact that we both are wrapping up this year—and this issue—testing positive for COVID-19. It’s given us not only humility, but more perspective, for sure, on the impact it has on personal and professional lives. But we’re grateful—grateful that we’re doing well and feeling fine and know that this, too, shall pass.

Which brings me back to this: We titled the section that starts on page 12 “Words of Wisdom.” Instead of trying to come up with something clever and catchy, it simply states what we’re delivering to you at a time when we could all use some. We’re honored and thrilled to have these four industry veterans share their experiences and words of encouragement in their own words. Yes, they took the time to author pieces for us—for you—to provide perspective, optimism, solidarity and the greatest of all—hope—to our industry during this unprecedented time of crisis. After all, things will get better. Hang in there. And if you don’t believe me, well, you certainly should believe them. After all, I wouldn’t want to be the one questioning Mr. Bill Marriott on his advice!

Here’s wishing you peace, happiness, hope and good health for the remainder of 2020, and all great things for 2021.