EazyO App Helps to Deliver Guests’ Needs

MIAMI—EazyO is a new mobile app that provides beach and poolside delivery service to hotel and resort guests with the click of a button.

CEO Brett Benza has been to a lot of high-end resorts and, as a result, noticed the service experience could be improved. “The idea for EazyO was to provide a more efficient way to order and provide every guest with a VIP experience. By doing this, we increase the speed at which orders can be processed by the resort. Order velocity leads to higher revenue,” he said.

In determining a need for this type of service, Benza was able to identify that large geographic locations are difficult to serve. With customer service a hallmark of the hotel experience, he believed that EazyO would be a viable option for the hospitality industry. He touts Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Boca Raton Resort & Club, The Delano and The Confidante among his clients.

“Service is the biggest amenity guests look for on vacation,” said Benza. “EazyO is a force multiplier enabling resorts to cover the same area with less than half the staff. It puts the control in the guests’ hands. They can order from different menus including room service and shopping all from their smartphone. EazyO allows the guests to control their own order experience. They can now order when they want and as many times as they like. Not in your room and want to place a room service order? No problem. We can deliver anywhere on-property. On the beach and forgot your lotion and want a hat? Shop from the sundry store via the app. No problem.”

Here’s how it works: Prior to using the app for the first time, the guest must sign up—there’s an option for traditional email sign up or Facebook login—load the application with a credit card, use Apple Pay or Google pay.

“EazyO is a universal app and only needs to be downloaded once,” he said. “We know if you’re downloading from Florida, New York, California, etc. The app uses geolocation to find the venue the guest is visiting and provides the menu. EazyO then prompts the guest to place an order and pin their location so a runner can find them at the beach or pool or outdoor service area. This is done with our GPS technology that is extremely intuitive. The guest is kept updated on service times and even when the order is being sent to them. Managing guest expectations is paramount to a quality ordering experience. Over 54% of our users order multiple times while at the venue. EazyO lets you reimagine your service business with automated menus for happy hour, express menus for busy days and even a poolside shopping experience for your guests.”

When an order is placed, the venue receives it on EazyO’s venue app, then puts the order in the POS system in the same way as a normal order with the same workflow. The runner picks up the printed EazyO receipt with the guest location and information and delivers the order.

“The server doesn’t get stopped several times while walking 50 yards to the POS,” said Benza. Orders go in faster. By increasing order velocity we can increase revenue 20-40%.”

An additional benefit that Benza touts is the ability to help a server earn tips.

“EazyO is a server’s insurance policy,” he said. “The guests always have a way to order. For a server to provide a better experience they can now spend more time with the guests as the app is doing all the heavy lifting of providing the menu, taking the order and payment. If the guests forgets to order a margarita and the server has walked away, they can order via the app. We can run drink specials, happy hours and flash sales through the app all to offer the guest better value.”

The company’s value proposition is to provide a better guest experience which, in turn, could increase order flow and revenue.

“EazyO is like having extra staff on call,” he said. “Imagine it rains all morning and you cut staff for payroll management and then the sun comes out all afternoon? With the EazyO app, you’re never short-staffed. EazyO pays for itself and the cost is less than one server per month. Creating higher revenue streams by holding payroll down is what EazyO successfully accomplishes. EazyO tracks every sale just like a POS. We can be used for inventory management and have an entire accounting suite built in for easier disbursement tracking.”

EazyO is expanding in South Florida and on the West Coast of Florida, with sights set on California and beyond in 2019.