Duetto: Americas’ hotels set for strong holiday season

The latest edition of the Duetto Pulse Report, which tracks forward-looking hotel performance data from September and compares it with August, same time last year (STLY) and 2019 figures, is showing that North America’s hotels can look forward to a robust holiday season this year, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year bookings showing healthy performance in several major cities.

Bookings for stay dates from October through to March see an impressive pick-up, with October stay dates up 142%, November stays up 93% and December stay dates up 71%.

On the books (OTB) data for New York City is showing October is up by 39%, November is up by 37% and December is up by 46%, compared to STLY.

Miami is another destination seeing year-over-year growth. October stays for Miami are up by 43%, November stays are up by 31% and December stays are up by 48%.

In Canada, Toronto and Vancouver are pacing significantly ahead of STLY. Toronto OTB for October is up by 39% against STLY, November is up by 63% and December is up by 58%. There’s a similar pattern for Vancouver, with October OTB up by 16% against STLY, November up by 28% and December up by 29%.

Hotels in Latin America are now pacing ahead of 2019 in terms of OTB. The region is up by 6% on 2019 figures in October, up by 20% in November and up by 13% in January.

Mexico is leading the way with this. Overall, compared to 2019, October is up by 17%, November is up by 29% and December is up by 22%.

“The good news is that the holiday periods continue to look strong,” said Hannah Weller-Barrise, director, hospitality solutions/Pulse Report author, Duetto. “Thanksgiving is coming up, and for the Christmas holiday we’re seeing some of that pick-up and on-the-books data continue to show strength.

She continued, “Historically, we have seen a bit of a resort/city divide in terms of North America. But one thing that’s interesting that this round of data suggests is that cities like New York have signs of positivity as we look ahead to November, December and even into next year.”