Don’t Let Odor Ruin Your Guests’ Stays and Drain Your Profits

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By Dr. Laura Haupert

It’s no secret that bad smells can damage your reputation and negatively impact your bottom line. Especially in the highly competitive hospitality industry, providing outstanding service has never been more important.

It’s paramount to choose an odor control solution that is both effective at controlling odor and safe for your guests and staff.

Be Proactive
Whether from hotel rooms, event spaces, kitchens, lobbies or other common areas, odors can play a major factor in indoor air quality and your guests’ experience in your hotel. Proactively managing odors is key to ensuring your guests enjoy their stay.

According to a Hampton Hotels survey, two-thirds of travelers have complained, asked for a different room, requested a discount or refund, or even canceled their reservations due to odor. Not to mention, many guests turn to online websites like TripAdvisor, Expedia, Yelp and others to share their experiences with fellow travelers, which can negatively impact your business in the future.

Start at the Source
There are likely multiple sources of odor in your hotel or resort that require a proactive solution. It’s important to understand where odors come from and what is causing them in order to effectively treat them both long and short term.

Common sources of odor in the hospitality industry include the following:

  • Common areas and hallways: air, carpet and upholstery furniture odors
  • Event spaces and meeting rooms: air, carpet, food, smoke and upholstery furniture odors
  • Gyms and exercise rooms: air and floor odors
  • Hotel rooms: air, carpet, upholstery furniture, pet and smoke odors
  • Kitchens: food and cooking odors
  • Laundry facilities: air and fabric odors
  • Restrooms: air and floor odors
  • Trash rooms: garbage and waste odors

Find Your Solution
Considering these factors, the best way to begin implementing odor control at your facility is by bringing your odor control partner on-site to help determine the best solution. Regardless of the source of the odor, your odor control partner will help you ensure you’re treating the odor itself versus masking it. One way to accomplish this is to use a plant-based solution. Plant-based solutions take effect by making contact with malodor molecules via opposing electrostatic charges. The product’s molecules absorb and destroy odors on a molecular level and modify the malodor molecule to a non-odorous state. Through this reaction, the malodor molecules are neutralized without the use of harmful chemicals and provide a safe environment for those using and interacting in your space.

Fresh Wave IAQ® odor control solutions use the natural oils of plants, food-grade surfactants and water to remove odor. Fresh Wave IAQ is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic masking fragrances. It is non-hazardous, biodegradable, non-flammable and contains no harmful VOCs, meaning it’s safe to use by staff and around guests. What’s more, Gel and Air & Surface Spray products carry the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice recognition for chemistry that’s safer for people, pets, and the planet.

Determine the Appropriate Dispersion System
Depending on the location of the odors you are treating, you may need different dispersion systems. There are a variety of systems and options available for your specific space and odor challenge. These include the following:

  • Air and Surface Sprays
  • Gels
  • Carpet and Upholstery Additives
  • Mobile and Stationary Dispersion Equipment

Many times, mobile and stationary equipment is ideal for hotels, as they are effective removing odors in large and small spaces, and can tackle highly concentrated areas. Fresh Wave IAQ offers three dry vapor system (DVS) units suited for all areas of your business:

  • DVS25: The DVS25 is our smallest unit and was developed for areas requiring easier, quicker access. Even with its smaller size, the unit can treat an area up to 2,500 sq. ft. in 30-40 minutes. The DVS25 is ideal for individual hotel rooms or other areas that require a highly mobile unit.
  • DVS45: The DVS45 is a mobile cart with castors, push bar and lift handles that allow for easy transport from one area to another. Dry vapor particles dispersed from this unit work best to neutralize odors from the air, as well as fabrics and surfaces such as carpets, upholstery, draperies, bedding, wallboards and other similar areas. The DVS45 is ideal for hallways, hotel rooms or other areas where a mobile unit is necessary.
  • DVS65: The DVS65 is a stationary unit that provides effective odor control in a concentrated area that consistently experiences odor. The DVS65 works great in dumpster rooms and loading docks, among other similar areas.

Breathe in Clean Air
Your odor control partner will be your best resource to determine the appropriate product and dispersion system for your hospitality business. With their help, you can rest assured knowing that odors will be controlled, and the environment will be safe for your guests and staff.

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Author Bio
Dr. Laura Haupert, Ph.D., serves as director of research and development at OMI Industries. For the last seven years, she’s worked to formulate, direct and coordinate all R&D of new odor control products.