DESIGNBAR launches new lodging division

DESIGNBAR, a Charlotte, NC-based interior design firm, is venturing into the lodging space. Under the leadership of design veteran Monika Nessbach, the team will take its 14 years of design excellence to bring its “edgy elegance” approach to the hotel industry.

Raised near Köln, Germany, Nessbach absorbed the essence of modern and postmodern design, forging her unique creative voice and desire to design innovative spaces for the commercial building industry that evoke emotional responses through dynamic experiences, according to the firm.

“Our goal is for hotel guests to feel emotionally connected to the property,” said Nessbach. “We encourage interaction with our environments by creating memorable experiences within our designed spaces. This philosophy not only creates competitive advantage for hotel owners, it fosters guest satisfaction and loyalty.”

DESIGNBAR is no stranger to hospitality, putting its mark on restaurant, bar and multi-family spaces for more than a decade. Projects include Avana Red Run luxury apartments; Runaway Whiskey & Wine Bar; and Figo 36 in  Charlotte, NC.

“So much of what is seen in the commercial design space feels mundane and expected, with little distinction from design house to design house,” said Nessbach. “This is, in part, due to the idea of just checking boxes and settling for the bare minimum. When you walk into a space designed by DESIGNBAR, it is very clear that boundaries are pushed and each creative decision is rooted in storytelling, leading to a unique guest experience.