Culp Hospitality Launches i-Clean Barrier Plus

Culp Hospitality, a trusted manufacturer of cost-effective, on-trend upholstery and window treatment fabrics with timeless appeal, has launched its next generation performance i-Clean finish: i-Clean Barrier Plus. The new fabric finish incorporates innovative chemistry to protect and surround each fabric fiber. An integrated moisture barrier safely seals the fabric and is designed to stay put on heavy-use furniture and soft goods, adding lasting durability.

“The demand for performance fabrics continues to grow in heavy-use environments that require exceptional durability and stain and spill protection,” said David Wells, VP of sales and marketing for the Culp Hospitality and Culp Contract businesses. “This innovative new finish does not change the feel or texture of fabric and is ideally suited for high-risk spill environments including hotel restaurants, bars and public spaces, as well as healthcare offices, patient waiting rooms and commercial cafeterias. The finish is available now on our Warrington Line and will be added to additional collections in 2021.”

Easy to clean, fabrics treated with i-Clean Barrier Plus repel and lock out stains and spills preventing seepage into underlying furniture fibers and foams extending the life of those investments. The finish is free and safe from potentially harmful levels PFOS, PFOA, formaldehyde, heavy metals, phenols and phthalates. It redefines the Performance Fabric standard.

More than a decade ago, Culp Contract pioneered the industry with the introduction of i-Clean, a nano-based stain resistance technology. Today, that commitment to innovation has created a new standard of fabric protection for settings that demand it most.