Crafting a Smart Guest Experience with Hospitality Technology

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NATIONAL REPORT—It’s no secret that expectations surrounding the digital guest experience have changed. With more than 96% of modern hotel guests carrying smart devices, the obvious next step is ensuring that you provide your guests with a smart experience.

What Does a Smart Guest Experience Look Like?

A smart guest experience is one that anticipates your guests’ needs. A “smart hotel” provides robust WiFi, offers a mobile guest app that allows remote check-in and -out, mobile key, and direct messaging. Smart hotels also incorporate in-room technology to increase guest engagement and back office solutions to track activity and connect staff more directly to guests.

How do You Create a Smart Guest Experience?

A smart guest experience should be crafted around a robust mobile strategy that extends beyond a mobile guest app. Your mobile strategy should include a strong social media presence, direct digital messaging, and in-app chat. These channels should all be available on a single, easy-to-use platform where travelers can choose how they want to communicate and are able to move seamlessly between secure digital solutions.

When creating a smart guest experience, you need to make sure all the software and technologies utilized at your property integrate seamlessly. Only then can you create the ultimate smart guest experience that improves your guests’ stays without feeling intrusive.

Implementing a Smart Guest Experience

It’s not enough to only have smart technologies in place. Your employees must be well-trained on using those technologies to create a superior guest experience and streamline their daily tasks. Once your employees have been trained to effectively use the technology and software implemented at your property, you’ll be able to personalize, maximize, and monetize your guest experience.

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