Corsicana Mattress develops copper-infused collection

DALLAS—To meet the evolving needs of hotel guests, Corsicana Mattress Co. is building on its residential copper sleep business with the development of copper-infused sleep options for hotels.

Corsicana has developed nine mattresses and a topper engineered with copper-infused foam. Copper—especially popular now—is regarded as having antimicrobial, antibacterial and cooling properties for a healthy and comfortable night’s sleep.

“Our new Copper ProTech Collection has been very popular with both boutique hotels and the larger chain hotels, at all levels—luxury and budget,” said Rebecca Hewitt, VP of business development of hospitality, Corsicana. “Given today’s environment in which travelers want to be assured they are healthy, hotels are looking for smart products that help them keep their guests safe.”

The cool mattress not only helps regulate body temperature, Hewitt explained, but copper’s anti-microbial properties help to repel germs, bacteria and odor. Copper also helps to increase blood flow and offers anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve aches and pains.

“Our copper-infused foam works like traditional memory foam, but with a quicker response rate,” Hewitt said.The cooling factors of the copper help disperse body heat for a cooler sleep.” Corsicana’s new collection is specifically designed for use in hotels, colleges and military housing, among other commercial environments.

“We see great marketing potential for hotel brands to incorporate into their safety protocols,” Hewitt said. “Our marketing team works directly with hotel owners to develop bed cards, elevator signage and content for their website to provide them with the tools to get the message to their guests on what they are doing to ensure their guests can depend on them for a safe and healthy stay while also sharing the benefits of copper.”

Corsicana launched its hospitality and contract division early last year to manage its growing business with hotels, the U.S. military and the rent-to-own segment.

“The presence of copper adds a layer of safety and security,” she said. “When COVID-19 hit, there was a lot of research being conducted on copper’s ability to fight the virus. All hoteliers are talking about how to keep their guests safe, and this is an additional layer that they can add to the mix.”

Hewitt explained that copper isn’t necessarily like any other treatment. It’s not an afterthought cleaning product but rather, a built-in, mainstay feature. “Copper never loses its efficacy,” Hewitt noted. “The benefits—antimicrobial, antibacterial and the other health and wellness attributes—will remain. This is not a treatment that is sprayed onto the surface of our mattresses. Instead, the copper is an inherent part of the foam used to create the mattresses. The longevity of the product is a cost savings, and at Corsicana, we pride ourselves on developing the most luxurious mattresses at the most competitive price in the marketplace. Our goal is to provide the best mattress at the best price in the hospitality industry.”

Hewitt believes that one of the biggest trends for hoteliers right now is to provide a room and hotel environment that makes their guests feel safe and well, which she said the Corsicana Copper ProTech collection delivers.

“Corsicana has been handcrafting mattresses in the U.S. for nearly 50 years,” she said. “Our mattresses are made in our 10 company owned factories—all strategically located to meet our hospitality customers’ needs with quick delivery times. We have a wide selection of products to provide a mattress for any hotelier—regardless of the budget.” HB