Chris Green Named President/CEO at Chesapeake Hospitality

GREENBELT, MD—Third-party hotel management company Chesapeake Hospitality has named Chris Green as president/CEO. Kim Sims, the company’s former president, has been named chairman of the board.

In the September 21 edition of Hotel Business, Green and Sims spoke of the importance of the company’s culture and how it affects everything they do and has led to the company’s success.

“I think it is important to not change for change’s sake,” Green, who most recently served as chief commercial officer, told Hotel Business today. “A lot of our platform has been very successful. For those that know me, that does not mean that there is not going to be refinements and pushing the envelope for how we can improve our processes. I talk about being curious. That is a hallmark for us. A hallmark for us is that change is constant, that we are constantly seeking improvement and that is how we have been able to do so well. We just don’t accept the status quo.”

Green has more than 25 years of hospitality operations experience, including nearly 20 with Chesapeake. Under his leadership, the company’s footprint has grown significantly, evolved its platform for clients and delivered industry-leading financial results across a wide range of markets and hospitality concepts.

“People ask me, ‘What are you going to change?’” he said. “We are always changing and evolving. That is rooted in our beliefs and possibility. Our company tag line is ‘Experience what is possible.’ When you are constantly pursuing possibilities, you really can’t stop. You can’t say, ‘We’re there.’”

He continued, “Possibility is a huge word for us. If you frame everything through what is possible, that really requires you to constantly be seeking what’s next. My team talks about being relentless in a good way—relentlessly pursuing what’s possible.”