Carl Hansen & Son expands collaboration with Rikke Frost

Carl Hansen & Son’s collaboration with Danish designer Rikke Frost started in 2020 with the asymmetrical Sideways Sofa, followed by the Petal Lamp and the Sideways Footstool. Now, the Sideways Series includes a lounge chair and a coffee table that stand out for their classic materials shaped into modern, rounded designs.

The Sideways Lounge Chair is a combination of solid wood, upholstery and natural paper cord. The seat and back are padded so firmly that the upholstery remains smooth and crease-free. The back of the chair is upholstered in fabric and paper cord—a design feature that gives the lounge chair a sense of lightness while also linking it to the Sideways Sofa.

The round Sideways Coffee Table has a wooden frame and a reversible tabletop with two different surfaces in either oak or walnut on one side and laminate on the other. There is also a version in Italian marble. The tabletop rests on brass fittings that contrast with the wooden frame. Rikke Frost has designed the Sideways Coffee Table with a shelf, which allows you to put your mobile, iPad or remote aside and, instead, enjoy the present and being offline.

Frost said, “I’ve given a lot of thought to the design of the Sideways Series, where I have taken the circle as my starting point. The circle represents unity and sends a positive emotional message of harmony and balance. Circles convey a sense of freedom, which perfectly matches the feel I wanted from the Sideways Series. It has been very important to me that the design enables movement and different sitting positions.”

On her collaboration with Carl Hansen & Son, Frost said, “The collaboration with Carl Hansen & Son’s skilled craftsmen has had a big influence on the way I approach the wood detailing, the wooden joints and how the materials have been combined in the Sideways Series. We have gone back and forth and have had several constructive discussions to achieve the best possible result.”

Knud Erik Hansen, CEO, Carl Hansen & Son, said, “It is a great pleasure to work with Rikke Frost as she feels very strongly about her design work and develops pieces which are grounded in uncompromising craftsmanship and a high degree of functionality, which are both central to everything we do at Carl Hansen & Son.” He continued, “The Sideways Lounge Chair and Coffee Table are characterized by their neat yet inviting aesthetic using natural materials that can last for generations. We are, therefore, delighted to be collaborating once again and look forward to presenting the Sideways Lounge Chair and Coffee Table to an international audience.”

The RF1904 Sideways Lounge Chair and RF1905 Sideways Coffee Table are in stores from October.