Capital Hilton Finds Success with Concierge Software

WASHINGTON, DC—The Capital Hilton here has added a new module to help with its concierge needs.

Shujaat Khan, head concierge, has been welcoming hotel guests at the 550-room Capital Hilton for more than 20 years, and has seen the shift in hotel concierge operations from written documentation to online platforms.

While Capital Hilton found success using alternate platforms starting in the early 1990s, those platforms were still lacking a complete set of features, including the ability to track packages. The hotel recently selected Alice Concierge software to help with its operations.

The concierge module is a centralized resource for concierge materials and package tracking. It lets concierges track all requests with one system and allows for access of all relevant guest records through its PMS integration and Google vendor database. Not only do they have a seamless way to look up and offer guests information and personalized service, Khan noted, but “[with Alice], we have much better print materials and presentation to offer our guests.”

The module allows users to leverage shared calendars, reminders and internal notes to ensure the concierge team is aware of all guest requests. Additionally, all requests are tracked in one system and users can automate itineraries and confirmation letters at a single click. Users can record requests and incidents for all reservations, transportation, packages, wake-up calls, lost & found, and any other services. The module is integrated directly with the PMS and can pull all guest data, as well as integrated with Google to pull all vendor information.

Khan believes that the key to providing a fantastic guest stay is to consistently deliver guests personalized, efficient and effective service with a welcoming smile; the module as an extension of Capital Hilton’s concierge staff to deliver on this promise in each guest interaction. “The system keeps a record of all reservations,” said Khan. “Quite often, a repeat guest is amazed that we remembered his or her reservation from last year. One guest, once said, ‘Wow, you make reservations for hundreds of guests, and you are still able to remember my reservation!’”

“Our belief is that the concierge should touch everything,” said Alex Shashou, president/co-founder, Alice. “We believe that the concierge is the heart of the guest experience. We think that the concierge isn’t a ‘good thing to have’ or an amenity that you throw into your lobby. We think that the concierge is one of the most important parts of the hotel, and should touch everything. A great concierge coordinates a great guest experience.”