Bryte customizes the bed experience

Sleep is personal. It is, in fact, one of the most personal aspects of not only a hotel stay, but one’s daily life. Everyone has sleeping preferences and habits unique to them, but there is one constant truth: Sleep needs to be comfortable.

Born out of personal sleep experiences, Bryte, a leader in AI-powered sleep technology, is transforming the experience in luxury hotels with its Restorative Bed. The AI-powered bed utilizes real-time technology to adjust based on the individual’s needs and preferences.

Bryte Co-Founder/CEO Ely Tsern set out on a journey to introduce this form of technology, which, according to the CEO, truly understands and nurtures the biology of sleep.

“Our team collaborated with leading sleep scientists to develop our first product, The Restorative Bed” Tsern said. “The bed is designed according to the latest scientific understanding of sleep, and is able to provide each individual with a sleep experience personalized to their needs.”

The Restorative Bed works with an embedded sensory network that detects biometrics like heart rate and breathing patterns to identify when a sleeper enters the first stage of sleep. The bed then triggers cooling features to lower the sleeper’s body temperature to move them into body-restorative deep sleep.

Meanwhile, 100 computer-controlled air cushions within the bed alleviate pressure points by continually recalibrating the support a body needs, encouraging unbroken and more restful sleep.

The technology then naturally wakes sleepers up with warming temperatures and lighting to mimic the sunrise. The bed also offers the option to gently nudge and softly awaken sleepers.

“All of this is absolutely best-in-class and amazing in its own right, but what’s most important is how we use AI to craft the experience for each individual,” Tsern said. “Again, each sleeper’s needs are different, so the real magic of Bryte is how we use AI to intuit exactly what each sleeper needs and make continual adjustments for them in real-time while they sleep.”

The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, Cavallo Point San Francisco, The London West Hollywood, Park Terrace Hotel on Bryant Park and Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa have partnered with Bryte to introduce The Restorative Bed and develop sleep programming for guests like sleep suites and health retreats.

“There is a natural opportunity for Bryte in the hospitality industry,” said Francisco Levine, chief business officer, Bryte, who leads its hospitality division. “Sleep is foundational to guest satisfaction and the hotel experience as a whole, and even more so today when wellness is a strong trend in hospitality. Yet hotel beds have not evolved to meet the needs of today’s traveler. Bryte has been working with hotels to enhance their in-room wellness programming through The Restorative Bed and introduce an amenity that all guests can experience and see the benefits.”

Levine added, “It has long been a challenge for hotels that no two people sleep the same, so it is extremely difficult for hotels to choose one mattress that will satisfy many thousands of guests in its lifetime. Bryte solves this problem with this one bed that is personalized to each and any of their guests’ needs. Even couples can customize their respective side of the bed to their preferences.”

Bryte finds a specific connection with wellness resorts and luxury hotels looking to enhance offerings. According to Levine, some of these properties have further enhanced the sleep experience by curating their own experiences focused on sleep, with the    Bryte Restorative Bed at the center.

“We’re also proud of how offering the Bryte bed has helped our partners in all areas of their business, including differentiated positioning, stronger guest loyalty and added revenue in the form of higher ADR and new demand,” Levine noted. “As a former hotelier myself, I’ve been pleased to track the positive impact on guest NPS, and how several guests have bought the Bryte bed for their homes, offering incremental revenue to the property in the form of commissions.”

While the technology speaks for itself, exactly how easy to use are these beds from a guest perspective? According to Bryte’s leaders, extremely straightforward and user-friendly.

“When guests arrive in a Bryte suite at one of our partner hotels they can personalize their sleep experience, adjusting settings ranging from temperature to firmness, enabling each guest to get their optimal sleep,” Levine explained. “Every morning guests are able to review an insightful report about their sleep and can save their preferences and optimizations to a unique profile. This means they can then log into any Bryte bed at any hotel or home to instantly load their personalized sleep experience. This is a key part of the sleep revolution: Now they can ‘travel with their bed.’”

Especially now as the wellness trend takes on a much different meaning post-COVID, guests are seeking differentiated ways of staying healthy.

“It’s been reported that hotels with great wellness offerings are recovering faster, but to really deliver wellness at scale, a hotel can do more than just annex it to the spa,” Levine said. “Just as we’ve seen fitness extend beyond the gym as hotels offer products like Peloton and Tonal in rooms, we see a strong trend to in-room wellness too. We believe that sleep is the foundation of health and wellness, and at the same time, it is at the core of the hotel experience. That’s why we are convinced that a restorative bed should be the centerpiece of the hotel’s in-room wellness offering.”

Bryte has plans to expand its technology to additional hotels so more guests can stay well-rested.

“What we really offer is a platform of AI-powered restorative sleep technology that has the power to reshape the sleep industry,” Tsern said. “In the near future, in addition to our expanding hotel network, you’ll see this technology and the resulting benefits available at more price points improving access for all. And you’ll hear about our licensed Bryte technology appearing in the biggest and most respected brands that you already know and love.”