Back to business

Show season 2022 is in full swing. By the time you read this, we have already been at ALIS, Hunter and AAHOA-and the NYU Conference is right around the corner. Seems like old times, yes?

I remember a time in the not-so-distant past where all of our industry conferences and trade shows—really, all in-person meetings—were canceled or postponed, and how we couldn’t wait to get together live, face-to-face again. And, here we are. I almost forgot how hectic the travel calendar could be, especially when trying to balance the in-office job.

But, I do remember how invigorating, affirmative and motivating it always was. And, it still is. This show season has not disappointed. In fact, it has exceeded my expectations.

As an industry colleague said to me while in Baltimore at AAHOACON, getting back together again was so 2021. They went on to say: “We already did that. Already reconnected. Patted each other on the backs and said how great it was to see everyone again.” This year, 2022, they said, “We’ve moved on. It’s all about getting the deals done.” And, according to my source, for him, they were happening right then, in real-time, at the convention. Exactly what we want to hear. And, this was a sentiment echoed by all facets of our industry—more than one company was delighted to share with me how they are outpacing and outperforming 2019 levels. Let’s keep this momentum going.

On another, more personal note, I wanted to take the opportunity here to congratulate Adam Perkowsky on his promotion to managing editor. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Adam quite a few years ago when he was part of the Hotel Business editorial staff. He rejoined us from his office in Florida a couple of years ago as a senior editor, reporting on the industry, and now, with this issue, he will be taking on managing editor responsibilities, ensuring our news is accurate and on point. He will work with me on the operational aspects of producing the leading publication, and will continue to write and report on all of the innovations and insight this industry has to offer. I hope you’ll join me in wishing Adam continued success with the Hotel Business family