At Lotte New York Palace, guests can try a $200K bed

NEW YORK—In this industry, ensuring a restful night’s sleep is a top priority. Here at the regal and historic Lotte New York Palace, the team takes it a step further with a luxurious mattress by Hästens that is fit for a king. In fact, Hästens has been a purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court since 1952.

Through an exclusive partnership with Hästens, Lotte New York Palace is offering a sleep experience available at no other hotel in the world—the Hästens Ultimate Sleep Suite, which houses a new iteration of the brand’s top-of-the-line Vividus bed. The bed itself retails for $200,000.

“At Hästens, we are about family and that feeling of family,” said Jan Ryde, executive chairman and fifth-generation owner, Hästens. “We met with the Lotte New York Palace team over a sleep consultation at one of our stores, and we could see there was a connection of an extensive history for both brands and shared goals. We had this dream of offering a Sleep Suite and sharing our mattresses with the hotel industry, but our main goal is to deliver the best sleep in the world. We believe that in order to make that happen, people need to try our beds.”

According to David Shenman, director of sales and marketing, Lotte New York Palace, the busy lives of his clientele means there’s a need for quality sleep like never before.

“We see a trend where luxury travel and wellness go hand in hand. One of the things we recognize is that nothing is more important than a good night’s sleep. When you’re rested, you set yourself up to be successful and live your best life,” he said. “How do you give yourself the best chance? We pondered this question and it all starts with the right equipment and environment. After some research, it turned out to be Hästens. They have an amazing bed, a rich history and, in those ways, it reminds us of Lotte New York Palace.”

Taking 350 working hours by craftsmen to complete, Hästens’ most exclusive bed is the Vividus, where time and money were no object in its creation. Visually, it stands out from other mattresses with its signature blue check, a distinctive pattern used to represent the brand.

The materials that comprise a handcrafted Hästens bed are just as distinctive as its legacy since 1852. Natural materials are breathable and include cotton, flax, horsehair, pine and wool. In Sweden, craftsmen employ intricate side-stitching techniques designed to cater to a person’s sleep patterns and preferences.

“We work with 100 natural materials—all of which work really well to absorb moisture and cool the body. We craft our mattresses in our factory in Sweden and ship to 46 countries. They are guaranteed for 25 years. The horsehair is the key ingredient, which is from the tail as a byproduct. It is steamed and washed, so it’s free from allergens,” said Ryde. “We have found mattresses that are 87 years old and still being used. It’s about longevity. We can’t make that guarantee in a hotel setting, but we are transparent; since it’s a natural material, the bed needs to be flipped and maintained so it can last much longer.”

Inside the Lotte New York Palace’s two-bedroom suite, there are touches of Hästens-inspired Scandinavian design elements and its trademark blue checkered pattern throughout. The partnership also marks Lotte New York Palace as the hotel with the most extensive collection of Hästens beds in North and South America.

“A good night’s sleep is the ultimate luxury,” said Shenman. “How often do you get to sleep in a $200,000 bed? The goal is to offer something you can’t get anywhere else. It’s the best night sleep available anywhere on the earth.”

The new sleep experience offering has been introduced to guests and hotel associates, generating plenty of buzz and excitement.

“We’ve been doing a lot of talking about this. From the associates to the guests, everyone is looking forward to the launch of the suite,” said Shenman. “Hästens’ Vividus arrived two weeks ago. As our bed was being made by hand by the craftsmen, we received photos and updates on its progress. We shared the photos in team meetings and town hall meetings. We also received special training for our housekeepers on how to care for it and what makes it special. The bed will also be publicized through our global partners who cater to luxury travelers.”

There are a number of Hästens beds in the hotel’s luxury suites. Guests who book the suite in advance of the stay will speak with a sleep curator and share any special sleep preferences. It’s where the Lotte experience truly begins.

“There’s so much more to a good night than just the bed,” he added. “It’s astounding we have a $200,000 bed and it’s luxurious, but making sure our guests have an amazing night’s sleep is also important. Speaking with our sleep curator ensures a worry-free rest when they stay in the suite. There will be eye masks, pajamas and slippers as well as other Hästens products, such as robes and sachets. In addition, we have great bedding and soft throws. There’s also an evening turndown tea service.”

Shenman believes the partnership underscores Lotte’s commitment to partnering with like-minded brands that share the same passion. “There’s always something new happening at the Palace and this is our latest incarnation. We’re in the business of sleep and there’s nothing people value more,” he said.

Ryde gave a glimpse of where the mattress brand will go in future. “For us, the partnership with Lotte New York Palace is a huge step in getting people to experience the bed,” he said. “A lot of people look at the price and don’t understand what we’re all about. We want people to see and experience the bed for themselves. We are showcasing the beds in a different way and a new environment.”

Shenman hinted there’s more to come: “The partnership with Hästens is our first step and phase in what we hope will be a larger partnership, showcasing more Hästens beds in our hotel.” HB