Ask the experts

We know the benefits of a cleaner, healthier room, but what are the benefits of communicating this with hotel guests?

A  Peace of mind plays a tremendous role in the comfort and positive experience guests come away with. When a guest checks in and knows that management has done its best to ensure a clean, healthy environment, it leads to a more comfortable, satisfying stay. Consistent satisfaction is what can translate into long-term brand loyalty.

So, investing in healthier premises is about more than just one stay?

A  Absolutely. Cleanliness, health and the communication of this is a large component of the overall experience that sets the tone for how guests think about a hotel and its brand. Little details like disinfecting TV remotes and phones and protecting mattresses and pillows, when noticed, provide the guest with evidence that the brand cares about the experience of their stay.

Q  How can hoteliers best communicate the steps they take to promote their guests well-being?

A  From the front desk to cleaning services, to small in-room signage, many options can help communicate the steps a hotelier takes to care for their guests. Consider adding a sign near areas where special care is taken. A small note on the bed mentioning that both the mattress and box spring are protected, or a note near the TV mentioning that the remote has been disinfected, make the guest take notice, and help increase peace of mind throughout the stay.