Amadeus: Memorial Day occupancy insight points to strong start for summer travel

Amadeus is seeing continued positive momentum in hospitality based on hotel occupancy for Memorial Day weekend.

The top five destinations based on hotel occupancy are Moab, UT; Key West, FL; Sierra Vista, AZ; Destin, FL; and Hilton Head Island, SC. All five destinations are tracking more than 80% occupancy for the weeks leading up to the holiday, which reflects an increase for each major U.S. holiday since Memorial Day last year.

Leading up to the Memorial Day weekend, there are 97 markets at or more than 50% occupancy, which is a 194% increase from 33 markets more than 50% occupancy just two months ago for Spring Break in March.

The majority of the markets with more than 50% occupancy are popular summer destinations that have plenty of options for outdoor activities. Florida, Texas and California have the highest number of markets more than 50% occupancy.

Leading the way from those three states is Key West, FL (89% occupancy), followed by Destin, FL (84%) and College Station, TX (79%). Rounding out the top five are Pensacola, FL (74%) and Texas cities McAllen and El Paso (both at 70%). Stockton and Redding are leading the way in California, each with 65% occupancy.

Likely driven by increased confidence to travel, the number of bookings made 31+ days prior to the holiday is expanding. In the weeks leading up to Memorial Day, there is a significant increase in booking occupancy compared with all previous holidays in the past year.

In addition to insight on hotel occupancy, Amadeus has identified the top destinations for Memorial Day weekend based on air travel searches. Travelers are flying to:

  • Miami
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Orlando, FL
  • Atlanta
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas

Top destinations outside of the U.S. where American travelers are headed for the holiday weekend are Cancun, Mexico and London.