ALICE by Actabl completes integration with Maestro PMS

Actabl, an integrated hotel operations, business intelligence and labor management solution, has completed a new two-way integration between its ALICE operations management platform and Maestro’s property management system (PMS).

A browser-based cloud and on-premise PMS solution for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals and multi-property groups, Maestro’s seamless communication with the ALICE platform provides a host of operational benefits for hoteliers, the company reports.

“We initially identified Maestro as an ideal partner for an integration with ALICE by Actabl since our market research indicated that we are well matched in market size and scope, with many mutual hotel customers across the U.S. and Canada,” Summer Guan, director of product integration, Actabl, told Hotel Business. “We also know Maestro to be a well-established, family-owned company with strong values that align with our own. With a reputation for taking incredible care of their customers and listening to their needs, they work to develop solutions that allow them to streamline and automate workflows for better operational efficiency.

“This new integration with ALICE is one such solution,” she continued. “It provides a host of operational benefits for our mutual hotel customers, including seamless two-way communication between the ALICE platform and the Maestro PMS, eliminating discrepancies in data between systems that could potentially lead to inaccurate guest information, poor customer response times and missed revenue opportunities.”

Guan pointed out that the new two-way integration provides real-time delivery of Maestro booking information to the ALICE platform whenever reservations are created, modified, or canceled, to ensure that hotel staff have the most up-to-date guest and booking information.

“Guest arrival statuses, such as check-in, checkout and room move events, are also pushed in real time to ALICE,” she added. “Housekeeping status data is shared and synced between the systems with bi-directional functionality, providing front desk and housekeeping staff with the latest updates on room availability for early check-ins without the need for manual entry.”

The system automatically resyncs the latest housekeeping status for single or multiple rooms from Maestro to ALICE to prevent data discrepancies, according to Guan, adding, “It also resyncs up to seven days of reservations from Maestro to assure high-quality reservation data and maintains consistency within systems. ALICE users have the ability to configure alerts for both reservations and incoming guest updates to detect any potential outage.”

There are currently more than 30 integrations with the ALICE platform, she offered, including nine PMS solutions, with four more in beta that are slated to be available by the end of the year.

“Collectively, the four newly combined companies that make up Actabl have more than 200 active integrations with various leading hospitality technology partners within various ecosystems, such as guest messaging systems, guest request solutions and more,” said Guan. “We also utilize an open API that simplifies the development and implementation of added guest and staff solutions, in cases where there is no existing integration. This modular approach provides our hotelier customers with a high degree of flexibility and the autonomy to choose the precise tools and combination of tools that they want and need at any given time, without limitation.“

Guan noted that Actabl is always looking to add integrations for ALICE and its other components

“From an overall strategic perspective, our commitment at Actabl is to provide our customers in the hospitality industry with as many integrations as possible over the coming year, and will be adding new ones continually, in order of need and priority,” she said. “For instance, we are currently in the process of deepening our integration with various staff safety solutions due to the increasing importance of these protocols.”

She added that Actabl is also developing a combined dashboard that brings together and syncs the data from all four platforms for a complete business intelligence solution “that allows hoteliers to make the best decisions with the most accurate and up-to-date information to ensure their market performance and success.”