AHLA sets dates for 2023 State Hotel Conferences

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) has revealed the dates, cities and registration information for its 2023 On the Road State Hotel Conferences.

The conferences will provide hoteliers, suppliers and service providers opportunities to connect with their peers as well as hospitality and policy leaders to learn about the latest news and information affecting the hotel and lodging industry.

The half-day, free events are part of AHLA’s On the Road Events Series and open to anyone who works in the hotel industry.

“AHLA’s On the Road State Hotel Conferences are designed to help local hoteliers connect with their peers, gain insights on national and local market business performance trends and learn from top hospitality leaders, service providers and policy experts,” said Chip Rogers, president/CEO, AHLA. “The events are also vital tools to help AHLA build coalitions, grow our grassroots network and rally hoteliers around the industry’s goals and initiatives.”

AHLA will host its 2023 On the Road State Hotel Conferences in partnership with its state or city lodging association partners. The 2023 dates and cities are as follows:

  • Feb. 7: Florida Hotel Conference, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Feb. 16: Georgia Hotel Conference, Atlanta
  • March 16: Tennessee Hotel Conference, Nashville
  • March 28: California Hotel Conference, San Francisco
  • April 25: DMV Hotel Conference, Arlington, VA
  • May 9: Arizona Hotel Conference, Phoenix
  • June 13: Michigan Hotel Conference, Detroit
  • June 20: North Carolina Hotel Conference, Charlotte, NC
  • June 22: Colorado Hotel Conference, Denver
  • Sept. 7: New York Hotel Conference, New York
  • Sept. 14: Hawai’i Hotel Conference, Honolulu
  • Sept. 26: Massachusetts Hotel Conference, Boston
  • Sept. 28: Pennsylvania Hotel Conference, Philadelphia
  • Oct. 3: Texas Hotel Conference, Austin
  • Oct. 5: Illinois Hotel Conference, Chicago
  • Oct. 26: California Hotel Conference, San Diego
  • Nov. 7: Florida Hotel Conference, Tampa

Additional location information will be forthcoming.

Since starting with four events in 2021, AHLA’s On the Road State Hotel Conferences have brought together thousands of hoteliers in cities across the nation. The effort expanded to 11 events in 2022 and will include 17 events in 2023. The conferences feature:

  • Opportunities to hear from and network with VIP speakers, including hospitality experts and elected officials
  • Networking opportunities with local hoteliers
  • Opportunities to learn about policy issues affecting local hotels
  • Information about local hotel market trends and other relevant topics

To register or get more information, visit ahla.com/OTR

AHLA opposes proposed NLRB rule
In other AHLA news, the organization strongly opposed the National Labor Relations Board’s proposed regulations to establish a new “joint-employer standard” under the National Labor Relations Act in comments submitted to the board. Rogers also released the following statement opposing the regulations.

“If implemented, NLRB’s proposed ‘joint-employer’ rule would have a chilling effect on the hotel industry and the entire U.S. franchising model,” he wrote. “It would minimize franchisees’ control over their own businesses, severely complicate hotels’ ability to contract with independent vendors and allow courts and government bureaucrats to subjectively determine joint-employment liability. We strongly oppose these proposed changes and urge the NLRB to keep in place the current joint-employer standard. It provides predictability and stability for a successful franchising model that’s one of the top pathways to the American Dream for minority business owners.”