After a Pool Restoration, The Hollywood Roosevelt Is Ready to Make a Splash

LOS ANGELES—The Hollywood Roosevelt’s famed Tropicana swimming pool mural by 20th century artist David Hockney just underwent its first-ever restoration. A team of art conservators from RLA Conservation of Art + Architecture carefully revitalized it for the enjoyment of guests for years to come.

“I think our pool is truly amazing. It’s lined with 250 palm trees surrounding the property to keep it private with large daybeds to lay on, making It a tranquil place to relax,” said Don Jacinto, regional VP of Journal Hotels & Managing Director of The Hollywood Roosevelt.

But what makes this place special is the full-size, heated pool with an iconic underwater mural at the bottom that has been newly restored. The hotel is a testament to Hollywood’s rich history and the boldface names that stayed here.

“This was the last pool mural artist David Hockney ever did and it is valued at $1 million,” said Jacinto. “Plus, where else can you hang out that integrates the past with the present. It was here that Marilyn Monroe posed on the diving board of the hotel’s swimming pool for her first-ever advertisement; and it was the setting for films such as Sunset, Beverly Hills Cop II, Catch Me If You Can, Curb Your Enthusiasm, I Love Lucy, Almost Famous, and most recently A Star is Born.”

Known for its fun vibe, the lifestyle hotel is infused with art, music, fashion and entertainment. The pool has a creative history all its own.

“Legend has it that Mr. Hockney came to The Hollywood Roosevelt one beautiful morning in 1988 with a can of blue paint and a 6-in. paint brush tied to a broom handle. Over the span of about four hours working at the bottom of the empty pool, he covered it with his signature circular brush strokes. Once the pool was refilled, the art seemingly came to life when the water was disturbed, weaving and dancing under the sunny Los Angeles sky,” said Jacinto.

As keeper of this piece of art and local history, the team at The Hollywood Roosevelt sought to celebrate the landmark hotel’s character, charm and Hollywood roots.

“It’s a stunning pool renovation and an exciting time for Los Angeles. We’re all very enthusiastic for the future ahead,” said Jacinto. “Our pool has been hailed as one of Los Angeles’s greatest artistic and architectural marvels. Both the hotel and the pool have been designated Historic-Cultural Monuments by the city’s Cultural Heritage Commission, so it’s important for us to continue to keep the property and pool updated.”