5 Senses + 5 Tips = 10/10 Guest Experience

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NATIONAL REPORT—Guests have this funny habit of seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and touching all kinds of things. You probably do, too. In fact, you’re probably doing it right now. Delighting the five senses is a big part of a positive guest experience. You could even try to delight the fabled sixth sense, but we can never quite get our chakras lined up just right. So, let’s just focus on the five senses we know and love.

Five Tips to Delight the Senses:


From the front desk, to the elevator, to the room, guests expect a clean look with a little bit of style. Nothing ruins check-in like an unmade bed, or an unsightly stain, or some previous guest’s garbage. Sure, no one believes that they are the only one who has ever been in that room, or slept in that bed, but seeing the evidence breaks the illusion of having an exclusive personal oasis in a new city.


No one wants to stay somewhere with thin walls. If you can hear your neighbors watching reality TV all through the night, then that means they can probably hear you. Nothing ruins a relaxing trip like tip-toeing through your hotel room worried about making a ruckus. Or worse, hearing your neighbors put on an Off Broadway version of Stomp.


This one’s pretty simple. Mystery odors sharing a guest’s space is unappealing to say the least because there are only two outcomes—you find the source of the smell, or you don’t. And it’s hard to imagine which outcome is worse. All we know is that a stinky room is a bad review waiting to happen.


The best memories from a vacation are usually food related. If your business doesn’t provide delicious cuisine onsite, then you can help guests navigate to their next favorite meal. Send them to the most memorable, Instagram-worthy bites around town. And if that hot dining spot is in-house? It’s okay to brag a little.


Scratchy, stiff towels are a terrible thing, but the truth is, the laundry process is rough on fabrics. Your towels may have started out comfy, but after a few washes, the original comfort and softness are gone. That’s why the engineers at Standard Textile have designed towels that can stand up to the pressure and stress of the laundry cycle. Towels like ForeverSoft™ with ultra-soft pile yarn that starts soft, and stays soft, wash after wash, throughout product life. While patented Centium Core Technology® improves product tensile strength, extends service life, and enhances performance.

Hoteliers already do a lot to improve and perfect the guest experience. And now, there are five more ways to delight guests’ senses and improve their stay, helping to make them loyal and to return.

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