3 p’s of hospitality


Your “3 P’s of Hospitality” seem to be getting more and more attention in the hotel industry. Can you refresh us on what exactly they are?


The “3 P’s” are Protect, Prevent and Promote. We’ve seen that properties that follow these principles regularly see higher performance than properties that do not.

Protect Your Assets. Smart hoteliers take a long-term view and invest heavily in the assets that create the customer experience, then take the steps necessary to protect those assets. These hoteliers rigorously follow best practices to ensure long-term cost savings through proper care. Take the case of mattress protection. By installing mattress protectors and encasements, a hotel can extend the service life of each mattress, reduce replacement and upkeep, and quickly amortize the cost of protection by lowering labor and asset expenses.

Prevent Negative Reviews. While we know quality customer service, providing clean facilities and a comfortable bed to sleep in are essential to ensuring guests share their praise, details matter. Quality bedding and a clean, healthy environment are essential to a positive guest experience. As today’s guest is better connected and more discerning than ever, taking the steps needed to create an excellent guest experience is an investment in not only brand loyalty, but brand marketing.

Promote Guest Health. Scientists uncover new impacts of sleep on our health, cognitive functions and happiness week after week. When combined with the fact that guests spend the majority of their stay in the hotel bed, this reveals the opportunity to improve guest experience by providing a superior sleep environment. From bedding to protection and even environmental controls, hoteliers have many opportunities to improve this experience. Smart hoteliers know that when a guest has an amazing night’s sleep, they will not only return, but recommend that property to their friends and family.